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    「EX」的含意源自許多英文字彙的開頭,如:實驗 (experiment) 、交流 (exchange) 、體驗 (experience) 、表達 (express) 、探索 (explore) 、延伸 (extend) 、存在 (exist) 等。「EX」一字,代表能量的激發與轉移,「亞洲」則是豐富的肢體語彙和文本隱喻,EX – 亞洲劇團擅長的即是兩者的融合,借用傳統元素、加以轉化變形,從土地文化出發,為當代劇場創造身體符號系統、新的寫意表演。

    EX-亞洲劇團期待在作品中拋下當代劇場的種種理論,回到傳統劇場的本質。劇場,是一個說故事、提供哲學思考的空間,並且是個綜合藝術的空間。音樂、舞蹈、詩歌等,都曾是劇場裡同等並存相互作用的元素,在此架構中,演員與文本便成了溝通與演繹的最主要媒介,文本傳達辯證的詩意、演員則是意義轉化的容器。如何延續劇場的哲學思辯,並以當代角度去轉化、詮釋傳統表演的身體程式,是EX - 亞洲劇團實驗的主要課題。

    深耕苗栗、放眼世界,參與成員來自亞洲各地,EX – 亞洲劇團致力探索多元的劇場語彙、創造新古典表演美學。跨越語言藩籬、探索劇場多元語彙、創造身體書寫新美學,成為劇團一大特色。近年來,多齣製作紛入圍重要獎項、受邀國際藝術節參演,為台灣備受矚目、風格獨具,少數以多語言發展文本詮釋的劇團,為台灣劇場注入亞洲新活血、建立跨文化的交流平台。

    We connect the land and the culture; we go beyond the language barrier
    And we thus create the brand new aesthetics of physical movement.

    The prefix “EX” signifies various meanings: experimenting, exchanging, extending, expertise, excellence, existence, etc. “EX” means the transformation and the incitement of energy, and “Asia” is where our acting style and performing text base upon. As suggested by the name of the theatre company, EX-Theatre Asia desires to further combine the two elements. We borrow the traditional symbols and transform them in a contemporary way. From the localization to the globalization, we establish a new symbol system in actors’ physical movement and a new symbolic style in contemporary theatre.

    EX-Theatre Asia desires to release itself from those theories about contemporary theatre for a moment and go back to the core essence of the traditional theatre. Theatre should be a place where we tell stories and provide philosophical thoughts. With its combination with music, dance, poetry, and other elements, theatre weaves the various art forms together. Among those theatrical elements, acing and text become the most direct media to communicate and to interpret: text delivers the dialectical message in a poetic way; while actors become the vessels which contain the transformation of the message. How to extend the philosophical speculation in theatre nowadays and how to transform the traditional stylish acting through a contemporary perspective, therefore, become the most important issue for EX-Theatre Asia to continue experiencing and experimenting.

    With its Base in Miaoli, Taiwan, EX-Theatre Asia opens its vision to the whole Asia. We work with talented theatre workers all over Asia, with the desire to further explore a multi-cultural dialogue in theatrical expression and to establish a neo-classical performance style. In recent years, several of our productions have been nominated by major art awards or invited to international art festivals. As one of the rare theatre companies in Taiwan who develop the theatrical text beyond the language barrier, EX-Theatre Asia indeed revitalizes the theatre in Taiwan with its unique cross-cultural performance style.