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    一年至少一次的「新作全省巡迴公演」,是多年的堅持。舞團至今已發表了六十多支作品,近六百場的演出。以芭蕾為基石,嘗試多種風格的探索及開發,其中以結合台灣原住民舞蹈的芭蕾作品,最為人驚豔稱讚。舞團首次出國演出(1999年3月),即獲紐約時報(New York Times)首席舞評家安娜‧綺色果芙(Anna Kisselgoff)的讚譽:「來自台灣的浪漫與傳奇」、「時時充溢台灣影像」及2008年歐洲舞蹈雜誌【Dance Europe】評論:「台北首督芭蕾舞團創作的風格──編作新的、具創新精神的作品。它將芭蕾結合本土的舞蹈形式、在地的譬喻及當代題材,以創造真真正正的『台灣』芭蕾舞。」;舞團在2009年亦榮獲第七屆台新表演藝術獎。


    Brief Introduction

    In Taiwan , Ballet was enrooted and developed earlier than Modern Dance. However, because ballet dancers have merely focused on the Western Classical Ballet, Taiwan local artists seldom create and choreograph their own ballet works. Without accumulating any ballet pieces, it is very natural for Taiwan to lacking its own original ballet art.

    Anything is hard from the beginning. The Capital Ballet Taipei is founded on March, 1993. Since then, the troupe’s main task is to create and produce innovative ballet pieces. In order to maintain their best performance, the dancers first worked five days a week, from Monday to Friday, just like other professional ballet companies. Practice starts at ten-thirty A.M., and from two to five o’clock P.M., rehearsals are scheduled. This weekly work routine was followed for about six years. But due to a lack of financial resources and qualified ballet dancers, the Capital Ballet Taipei has now been forced to work only three days, a week. The troupe still keeps on practicing without a rest, however, and they hope the ballet company can continue their work and develop further.

    The Capital Ballet Taipei insists on a circuit of performances at least once, a year. Till now, the company has produced over thirty ballet pieces and has done almost four hundreds performances. The dancers use ballet as a basic tool to explore and create new genres and styles. Those works which combine ballet with Taiwanese Aboriginal Dance are the most surprising, outstanding and highly praised. The Company’s first performance aboard was on March, 1999. The New York Times Chief Dance Critic, Anna Kisselgoff praised the performance as a romantic legend from Taiwan illustrating a full range of Taiwan imagery.

    To maintain their creativity, and variety, the Capital Ballet Taipei invites choreographers from different territories to collaborate with them and hopes the troupe will continue to thrive, and make its contribution to Taiwan Ballet.

    The troupe founders Mr. Chin Feng Hsu and Ms. Shu Hui Lee are now the Troupe Principal and Artistic Director.

    團 長:徐進豐
    行 政:陳玉美 徐惠麗
    舞 者:時雅玲 王俐文 黃思華 林詠真 蔡雅鈞 陳玫伶 余哲宇 甘蕙萱 陳姿緣


    電話:02-28351491 28340187
    地點:台北市士林區雨聲街八巷9-1號1樓, 111-45