【這不是藝評‧是心得分享】「非常比利時」萊斯民謠三重唱Laïs 根生土壤的民謠活力 呈現了屬於「比利時」的異國風情

【這不是藝評‧是心得分享】「非常比利時」萊斯民謠三重唱Laïs 根生土壤的民謠活力 呈現了屬於「比利時」的異國風情


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【這不是藝評‧是心得分享】「非常比利時」萊斯民謠三重唱Laïs 根生土壤的民謠活力 呈現了屬於「比利時」的異國風情


Laïs以純淨的合聲搭配搖滾音樂元素,展現了根生土壤的民謠活力,憶起高中時期很喜愛恩雅的音樂(愛爾蘭語:Eithne Ní Bhraonáin,英語:Enya Brennan),那是一種空靈純淨、彷彿不食人間煙火的聲音,或許因為對於北歐、居爾特、恩雅式的曲風有一種懷念的記憶,所以在兩廳院比利時系列節目中,也特別關注到萊斯民謠三重唱Laïs這個團體。




世界之窗 比利時系列—萊斯民謠三重唱 Laïs
地點:國家音樂廳 (台北市中山南路21-1號)
票價:500 700 900 1200 1600 2000
演唱:Jorunn Bauweraerts、Annelies Brosens、Nathalie Delcroix
吉他:Bjorn Eriksson
低音大提琴:Tom De Smet
小提琴及曼陀林:Geert Waegeman


【每日藝聞】「非常比利時」萊斯民謠三重唱Laïs 引領民歌混搭搖滾跨界新風潮
民謠混搭搖滾 「萊斯民謠三重唱」在台獻唱
萊斯民謠三重唱 歐洲民謠新唱法
萊斯民謠三重唱 用創意復興比利時古謠
兩廳院萊斯民謠三重唱 魅力抵台
民歌混搭搖滾 萊斯民謠三重唱訪台
以古串今的悠揚女聲 萊斯民謠三重唱 尋找聲音裡的聲音
開創音樂新風景 比利時萊斯民謠三重唱抵台
世界之窗 比利時系列 萊斯民謠三重唱
比利時法蘭德斯旅遊局 首次來台推廣 加強與業者合作



Laïs is a Belgian group that creates folk, and world music consisting of polyphonic close harmony songs, occasionally a cappella, based on self-composed melodies with lyrics dating back to the Middle Ages. "Laïs" is a Celtic word, meaning "voice".

Laïs' career started in 1994, when Jorunn and Annelies, together with Soetkin Collier (who later became a vocalist with the Belgian folk music group Urban Trad), performed a song at a folk festival in Gooik, near Brussels. Nathalie joined the group somewhat later. They had their breakthrough after their appearance at Folk Dranouter, near Ypres, in 1996.[1]
Their debut CD album, sung a capella as well as accompanied instrumentally by the folk rock band Kadril, was released in 1998. They performed at the Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees in Oudtshoorn, South Africa (1996), at Vorst Nationaal, Belgium (1998), Canada, France (1999) (as a supporting act for Sting), Spain (1999, 2000), the Netherlands and China (2001). [2]
During the summer of 2000 they performed at important festivals in Belgium such as Pinkpop and Rock Werchter. In 2001 they made a much acclaimed return to the festival at Dranouter.

In 2003 they made a mini tour along Flemish churches and chapels, singing a capella with the vocal support of Ludo Vandeau. This resulted in the CD "A la capella".

In April 2004 they released their third CD to the market under the title Douce Victime, with covers from Jacques Brel and Herman van Veen. This time it not only contained a capella songs but also Cajun music, the London Chamber Orchestra and some World Music influences. It was recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London.
With their album The Ladies' Second Song, released in September 2007, the group changed their approach and tried to reach a broader public. They could no longer be characterized as folk. The album introduces the use of electric guitars, loops and electronic beats. Their lyrics have equally undergone a thorough overhaul. Instead of drawing their lyrics from old Flemish songbooks, they have turned to poetry from William Butler Yeats, Paul Verlaine and Pablo Neruda.
In 2009 they released the album Laïs Lenski together with the cellist Simon Lenski.


「萊斯民謠三重唱」超凡魅力女聲 挑動你的聽覺神經
兩廳院萊斯民謠三重唱 魅力抵台
Laïs - A Clymène
Laïs- 't Smidje (extended)

Lais - 2 emmertjes (water halen)

Lais - de wanhoop
Lais - La Plus Belle de Céans
Laïs - Le Grand Vent
Laïs - Leda en de Zwaan (Agamemnon)
Laïs - De Wijn
Laïs - De drie maagdekens
Laïs - De Reiziger
Le grand vent - Laïs - Subtítulos en español
Laïs - Kalima Kadara合輯



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