FORMOSA 101 ART FAIR 2016 福爾摩沙101國際藝術博覽會

FORMOSA 101 ART FAIR 2016 福爾摩沙101國際藝術博覽會

時間:2016/05/13 - 2016/05/15 《活動已結束》

地點:花博爭豔館 + 寒舍艾麗酒店

單位:Formosa Art Show Executive Committee 福爾摩沙國際藝術博覽會執行委員會

費用:NT$ 1000








「福爾摩沙101藝術博覽會 」是目前亞洲唯一一個以「個展」形式展出銷售的藝術博覽會,除了邀請以亞洲為主的重要畫廊推出優秀藝術家參與博覽會外,也邀請歐美有意進軍亞洲的畫廊們推出優秀的藝術家個展,「福爾摩沙101藝術博覽會 」旨在建立一個頂級當代藝術品和重要收藏家連結的平台,讓當代藝術愛好者們可以在這裡和頂級藝術作品相遇。



2016 年 5月 13 日( 五 )11 : 00 - 19 : 00

2016 年 5月 14 日( 六 )11 : 00 - 19 : 00

2016 年 5月 15 日( 日 )11 : 00 - 18 : 00



EXPO Dome, Taipei Expo Park  

No.1, Yumen St., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan  


The Formosa 101 Art Fair is Taiwan’s premier art showcase event. It connects the world’s top galleries and eminent artists to collectors and art enthusiasts in Taiwan, Asia, and beyond. As one of the most highly developed art markets in Asia, Taiwan excels in its total number of art collectors, its diverse collection categories, and its top quality of collections. Over the past decade in Taiwan, modern artworks from Asia, Europe, and the U.S. have been persistent demand, leading Sotheby’s, Christie's Hong Kong, China Guardian, China Poly Auction and other major auction houses to recognize Taiwan as an important art market. Formosa 101 Art Fair plays an essential role in this market, the only art fair exhibiting solo shows in Asia, and a premier platform where art and its lovers meet.



Friday, May 13, 2016, 11am to 7pm

Saturday, May 14, 2016, 11am to 7pm

Sunday, May 15, 2016, 11am to 6pm 







台北寒舍艾麗酒店|110 台北市信義區松高路18 號




|Classic and Focus 經典聚焦|


|Up and Coming 未來呈現|

以40 歲以下藝術家為主角,以高度的藝術實驗潛力,尋找未來藝術潮流。

|Limited and Unlimited 限度探索|




2016 年 5月 14 日( 六 )11 : 00 - 19 : 00

2016 年 5月 15 日( 日 )11 : 00 - 18 : 00



Humble House Taipei

No. 18, Songgao Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei 110, Taiwan


|Classic and Focus|

section invites distinguished galleries around the globe to present diverse aspects of modern and contemporary art that are also immersed in the quintessential classical art.

|Up and Coming|

section focuses on artists under 40 years old who explore future trends by performing artistic experiments of high potential.

|Limited and Unlimited|

section reinvestigates photographs, prints, sculpture, and videos. It explores unlimited possibilities from art works with limited editions, and opens up a new trend in art collection!




Saturday, May 14, 2016, 11am to 7pm

Sunday, May 15, 2016, 11am to 6pm



凡於 4/30 前購票者,享有買一送一的優惠。 

- 票券可於雙展場(花博爭豔館 + 寒舍艾麗酒店)使用。 

- 票券在雙展場可分別作單次性使用,每次為期一天,不限制參觀日期。 

- 憑電子票券,可於現場兌換大會實體票券。 

- 票券經打洞後,則無法再於其他日期再次於該打洞展場入場。 

- 憑實體票券可免費參與當日論壇。 

- 會展結束前半小時停止售票。



Buy one ticket get one for free before April 30, 2016.

With the E-ticket, you can exchange the paper ticket at the information desk before entry.

One ticket guarantees single entrance for one day at both venues on the self-selected dates (Taipei Expo Dome + Humble House Taipei).

Admission to art forum is included in the ticket.

No admission to the venue half hour prior to the closing time of the Show.

放入藝文行事曆 藝文專區