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    薪傳打擊樂團,乃留法打擊樂演奏家鄭醴丰,率領南臺灣打擊樂新生代好手,於1995年所成立的南臺灣第一個打擊樂團。成立至今常主辦各形各色之音樂活動,薪傳打擊樂團成立至今近二十年,以立足在地傳統文化出發,創作新概念擊樂劇場演出形式,近年多有不同概念方向的製作呈現,如文學導向結合書法之美的『九歌』;以RAP為骨幹暗諷社會亂象的『RAP嘻哈擊』;以地方陣頭角度新詮釋的創作『陣頭樂響』;饒富童趣的『明暗之間』等。2006~2013年榮獲高雄文化局傑出演藝團隊與文化部演藝團隊分級獎助,2009年參與愛丁堡藝穗節演出榮獲五顆星評等; 2011年受邀於波蘭克拉克夫第七屆國際打擊樂節演出,深獲當地觀眾好評。



    Succession Percussion Group was established in 1995 by Parisian trained percussionist Li-Feng Cheng. The first of its kind in southern Taiwan, it’s a group of young percussionists actively involved in Taiwan’s music culture and works with the local city culture center’s educational projects. Promoting the music culture is always the primary focus of this group.
    2006 through 2013,It’s an outstanding art performance team in Kaohsiung, and awarded by the Council for Ministry of Culture for classification of performing arts groups. In 2009, The Group performed in the Edinburgh Arts Festival Fringe, and in 2011,it was invited to participate in the 7th International Percussion Festival “Sources and Inspirations” in Krakow, Poland. The performances widely received the audience favorable comments.

    The name “Succession” was chosen for this group because it is hoped that it can successively pass on the musical art tradition to future generations. It’s also hoped that, by doing so, the group may create new percussion music while preserving the lively, traditional art of percussion music in the modern society.

    Succession Percussion Group is devoted to promoting not only classical music,but also other kinds of music. This performance is oriented towards unconventional percussion-theater, combining the musical sound effect, lighting design, bodily drama, and visual design. We created this brand new performance program to explore new varieties of percussion group performance and expand the new horizon in hopes to develop a greater population that enjoys and appreciates performing arts.