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    1999台北國際藝術博覽會,適逢九二一大地震,特別舉辦九二一藝術義賣會。 在畫家慨捐畫作、藏家熱烈參與下共募得新台幣七百多萬元,悉數捐給慈濟基金會進行藝文設施的重建工程。
    2000台北國際藝術博覽會主題「驚世創意」,第一次將純藝術與生活美學相互 結合,同時新生代藝術家在大型藝術博覽會中首度擁有發聲的空間。
    2006 成立上海敦煌藝術中心
    2009 遷至上海古北新區宋園路
    2011 台北敦煌藝術中心遷於富錦街
    累積兩岸30餘年藝術市場經營經驗 ,深知兩岸文化差異與藝術市場性格特質,松山、虹橋兩地機場直飛的便利性,拉近了兩岸文化人的距離。如今我們帶回累積的中國經驗、走過的路,引薦中國藝術家給台灣朋友認識,也期望能將台灣本土優秀藝術家推向國際,在藝術領域中能夠發揮東方文化與世界的互動及影響。

    Cave Art Center was founded in 1983, by Mr. Hong Pin Tau. He, as an artist himself, acts an operator and promoter while dedicated to provide a public platform for the young and middle-aged artists. The Gallery experienced the 1980’s when Taiwan’s economy was blooming and 1990’s when culture was developed in multi-aspect manners.

    In addition to running the art industry, he also operated Cave Academy, offering lectures on art research and appreciation, thus starting the popularizing of art. He also published the magazine “Dun Huang Art News” and began Internet art auction activities. At the same time, the Chinese history of oil painting was re-discovered through the academic art historians, making it possible for the outstanding artists to be unearthed again. After the introduction by Dun Huang, these artiest became active in the Chinese art market, such as Yu Ben, Li Qing Ping, Sa Dji, Hu Shan Yu, so that they regained their position and evaluation they deserved both academically and in art history.

    1992 Cave Art Center Taichung was established
    1997 Cave Art Center Kaohsiung was established
    1998 Cave Art Center Hsinchu was established
    1998 Elected as Chairman of Gallery Association
    1999 Led members of Gallery Association to attend Art Expo in Beijing and Shanghai
    1999 Taipei International Art Expo; 9/21 Earthquake happened and held 9/21 Special Auction. A total of more than NT7,000,000 was raised due to artist contribution and collectors support, all donated to Zhi Chi Foundation for reconstruction
    2000 Taipei International Art Expo Theme “Creativity that Shocks the World”, combining for the first time the pure art and beauty of life, while giving space for the new generation artists for the first time to make their show.
    2006 Cave Art Center Shanghai was established
    2009 Moved to Sung Yuan Road, Gu Bei New Districut, Shanghai
    2011 Cave Art Center Taipei moved to Fu Jin Street
    As someone who has experienced operational activities over 30 years of both sides of Taiwan Strait and knows the difference of culture and market characteristics, along with the convenience of Sung Shan and Hong Chiao Airports, the distance of the cultural people of two shores was greatly reduced. Now, we bring back the accumulated China experience and introduce Chinese artists for friends in Taiwan. We also hope to bring the excellent local artist onto the international platform so there are interactions between Eastern culture and the world with significant influence.