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 青春未來影展  Youth Way-Light Film Festival

青春未來影展 Youth Way-Light Film Festival

時間:2014/07/19 - 2014/09/14 《活動已結束》

地點: 當代館一樓活動大廳以及館前廣場電視牆 MOCA Plaza/TV Wall

單位:台北當代藝術館 《更多相關活動》

費用:免費 Free



2014年的青春影展將以「青春X未來」為主題,同步於本館活動大廳、「當代影像聚場」 戶外LED電視牆展出,並特邀動畫藝術家王尉修設計《青春未來》主視覺圖像、以及歌手暉倪填詞譜寫的影展主題曲《大玩偶》;也將於捷運台北地下街誠品站前 店藝文西廣場舉辦導演映後座談活動。今年影展的37部影片更將於台中、澳門及日本京都等地播映。

「過去」成就「現在」,而「現在」造就「未來」,那一道閃爍在暢談未來的人們眼裡的光 芒,就是「青春」。五月天〈乾杯〉歌詞中唱到:「現在,就是那個未來,那個世界」,試想當想像中的明日到來時,我們是否已經準備好去迎接了?幢景未來,其 實是一種面對自我的練習,未來,是奠基於「當下/NOW」對自我存在意義的探索和反思!


時間是上帝給予我們最公平的資源,從絕對本我的角度談的是過去、現在、未來的線性延續, 有人形容時間像條長河,亙古至今連續不斷。隨著時間的成長,人在社會、家庭中的角色也有著:晚輩、平輩、長輩;孩子、父親、祖父等等的變化,時間往前跑, 但也許更像是一種輪迴,今年的影展主題和選展的影片,透過理解、交流與想像,展現再我們眼前的是一幕幕精采的劇情。時間也是青春的舞台,生命中那些風花雪 月的事,閃耀著金黃色的光芒,青春擁有無窮的魅力,我們沉浸其中,品嚐著酸甜苦辣的箇中滋味,然而時間流逝著,每一個當下都創造著未來,而未來又堆疊成為 歷史,透過創造力的展現青春才得以永恆。




MOCA Taipei launched the Young Pursuing Film Festival in the summer of 2010, which created a new platform for showcasing Taiwanese independent films.  The premier festival was followed by 2011’s Cheers, Youth Film Festival, with Young Pop-Eye Film Festival and Young Wild-Eye Film Festival presented in the subsequent years.  In its four-year history, this series of film festivals with youth as its central theme has witnessed the exciting developments of Taiwanese independent films!

Youth Way-Light Film Festival is this year’s theme, and will include film showings in the museum’s activity Hall and on the MOCA Plaza’s LED TV Wall. Animation artist, Weixiu Wang, was commissioned to design the key visual for this year’s festival, and singer Nini create the theme song titled “Big Puppet”.  Additionally, a panel discussion with some of the contributing film directors will be held at the Taipei MRT underground shopping street Eslite Taipei Station Branch West Arts Plaza.  The 37 films included in this year’s film festival will also be shown in Taichung, Macau, and Kyoto. 

The “Present” is composed of the “Past”, and the “Present” makes up for the “Future”.  “Youth” is found in the glistening glow that you see in people’s eyes when they talk about the future.  In Taiwanese band Mayday’s song “Cheers” is a line that says, “The present exactly is that future, that world.”  Imagine when the future is upon us, are we ready for it?  To envision the future is a practice for facing the self, because the foundation of the Future is “Now”, which consists of exploration and contemplation of the meaning of self-existence. 

“Future Film Day”, the curatorial team for The 2014 Youth Way-Light Festival, has selected 37 original films, including the genres of drama, animation, and documentary, and based on the three key structures of “yesterday, today, and tomorrow” and divided into nine subcategories, the films are presented to spark explorations of life’s journeys, including families, friendships, feelings of love and hate, and the pursuits of the self.   

Time is the most impartial asset that God has granted us, and from the perspective of the self, discussions based on the linear extension from the past, present, and future are initiated.  Some people use the river as a metaphor for time, as the river flows endlessly from the past to the present.  Throughout the development of time, people’s roles in society and family are constantly changing, as we go from being cared for as children, meeting our peers, and then becoming elders.  Time continues to rush forward, but perhaps it resembles the cycle of reincarnation.  Through understanding, exchanges, and imaginations, many stimulating plots are presented before our eyes through the theme of this year’s film festival and its selected films.  Time is also the stage for youthfulness, as life’s romantic and sentimental experiences glisten with a golden glow; this is the unique charm of being young.  Enraptured by it, we taste all of its bitter-sweetness; however, time continues, and as each moment ushers in the Future, and the Future is used to compile history, youthfulness is made eternal only through expressions of creativity. 

“How blessed are we to be able to see the past and future under the same space-time.”

- Future Film Day, curatorial team  

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