國立臺北藝術大學 - 新媒體藝術學系 第四屆畢業展 <荒野獵奇>

國立臺北藝術大學 - 新媒體藝術學系 第四屆畢業展 <荒野獵奇>

時間:2017/03/28 - 2017/04/10 《活動已結束》

地點:展覽地點:中正紀念堂 二展廳



Stepping into the digital era along with human’s evolution, media has been renewing the coordinate between body and physical world. Technology creeps under our skin through daily lives, connecting us with the surroundings, and yet blurring the borderlines in-between. Consciousness and sense of time are being dissected and devoured among the fleeting information flow. Before mastering our techniques as our means, subject consciousness, likewise, is being flooded by strange technology, as if crumbled by a sandstorm, comprehensive yet intractable.
How do we survive with lost senses in this era’s wilderness? We shall keep pace with the rapidly changing technology’s modification and awake in this sandstorm, while tracing back a primitive perception; or, we shall blend into this precarious environment with a new attitude, searching for its natural law, pros and cons in order to redefine the meaning of cyborg. “Gazing Into The Wilderness” manifests new media art’s attitude in the digital era, its probe in catching the liquid state of body and altering cognitive system under the fast changing technology.